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So Why Do Clients Repeatedly Book Greg?

 On behalf of the team, I’d just like to send you a little note to say thank you for making our event amazing on Saturday night. Tom Parker (The Wanted), Flo and I particularly enjoyed the show in the dressing room.

The feedback we’ve had thus far has been extremely positive and I am over the moon with
 how everything came together.

I hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!

-NEXT, Hired by Oliver Parker


 "Hi Greg, from everyone at Leeds Women's Aid, we'd really like to thank you for a great evening of entertainment at our Annual Event! We received so much fantastic feedback from people who were freaked out (in a nice way), surprised and left scratching their heads about how you can use magic to turn everyday items into something you want to talk about long after the evening. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a fun evening of entertainment from a professional, yet really personable guy! :)"

-M. Clarke, LWA



Professional close-up magician, Greg Holroyd, performing magic at a weddingProfessional close-up magician, Greg Holroyd, performing magic at a wedding"Something else that The Liquorist has to offer is on site magician Greg Holroyd! We found him very entertaining and we were impressed with the up-close magic tricks he performed for us, even the cynic in our group, Hannah, couldn't get to the bottom of his tricks! So if you see him about definitely give him a bit of your time as I'm sure you'll be impressed too!"

City Dweller, Leeds



"Greg is a complete professional, excellent customer service throughout all the work we have done with him, he is an excellent addition to any sort of event! Looking forward to using him again! Voodoo Events"

-VooDoo Events, Leeds


"Highly professional and equally mysterious, we hired Greg to entertain our corporate clients in a bid to impress them and gain new business.  Greg helped us do just that.  Superb magic, he totally wowed our guests, mingled seamlessly and made our event one to remember!  I would highly recommend this talented, very engaging magician for any type of event."

-The Leeds Club 


"We were also joined by the amazing Greg Holroyd, a close-up magician who managed to utterly confound everyone in attendance as he wandered through the crowd. We’ll probably never quite get to the bottom of his brilliant tricks – we’re still utterly mystified, days later."

 -MASH Staffing

"We were entertained not just by the talented guitar player but also by a magician, who made his way around the room performing tricks for the guests.

Now, I’m quite a cynic when it comes to magic tricks, but this young man was actually amazing – he turned turn a big stack of cards in my hand to glass – I honestly have no idea how he managed that"

- Heart and Pepper


"Thank you for making my grandmas birthday party special. Everyone loved your magic tricks :D"


"Thank you for entertaining our friends and family at our wedding evening do at The Liquorist on 2nd July 16. A great booking! Would highly recommend you. You astounded everybody"


"Thanks for your email we had an amazing wedding thank you for being part of it everyone thought your magic was brilliant." 


"Thank you for your message and we both wanted to say a huge thank you for entertaining our guests!! People were raving about you and I've never seen my dad speechless!! We hope to see you around Sheffield soon"

-Ruth and Sam 


"Best Magician. Absolutely amazing!!! Head is blagged!

This guy is magical. You did an awesome job at The Leeds Club matey! 

 You're actually so good it's scary, I'm sure you're actually like Harry Potter and properly magic! Haha, top quality"