Find out why you NEED to book a professional wedding magician to help make your special day unforgettable!

I was determined to start blogging again so I decided to talk about what most people book me for throughout the year for, which is weddings! These are possibly my favourite type of events I perform at throughout the year simply because they are full of people who want to have a good time. So since it has been 5 years and literally 100’s of wedding performances later I wanted to share some of my personal experiences and insights on the topic.

Recently it has become more and more popular for couples to hire magicians, illusionists, mind-readers etc. for their wedding day in the U.K. I personally think this is due to artists such as Dynamo, Derren Brown, David Blaine and many more that have developed and ‘modernised’ the art magic for the audiences of today! There is a reason why professional magicians like myself perform their effects, learn from them and eventually try to perform pieces of magic so that our names can someday be put into the same bracket as some of these great magicians! But I also appreciate and understand that celebrity magicians like the above help keep magic popular and ultimately helps create a demand for magicians at events….. like weddings!

People sometimes ask me,

“Is having a magician at my wedding a good idea?”

“Absolutely!” (A little biased I know but hear me out)

Close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker for any event where friends, family and possibly people who have never met before come together and witness miracles performed inches away from their faces and are left with memories from your wedding they will be talking about for years to come.

Hiring a professional close-up magician will only add to the experience for your wedding guests and will take away nothing from the special couple on their day. Most professional magicians you will find are family-friendly entertainers and close-up magic has the benefit of being non-invasive, walk-around entertainment, which means we can adapt what we do to suit any environment. When people hire myself for weddings I find out exactly what my client wants to do for their special day and then tailor my services to suit their plans to the fullest! When you book any professional magician you will find we will do everything in our power to cater for your needs to guarantee your wedding day is a success and one to remember!

You will have noticed that in this blog I have deliberately used the word ‘professional’ before I mentioned the word magician. This is because when speaking with people about what I do for a living and very rarely when I speak to potential clients over the phone they will say something along the lines of:

“My friend does a little bit of magic.” or “There’s a guy at the office who is amazing at card tricks.”

Now I don’t want to say anything negative towards anyone who is learning the art of magic as I encourage people to do so. You learn so much that can be used outside of performing from this art such as social engineering skills, confidence, psychology etc. Which is great but when it comes to organising your wedding day you want to hire someone who knows what they are doing! This is something you do not have to worry about when hiring a professional magician. You need to ask the following questions when booking any kind of magician for your wedding:

“Will all my guests have a good time? Do they have enough magic for ALL your guests? What happens if it goes wrong?”

When you book a professional you don’t have to worry about the above questions! We make sure we can perform our magic for anyone, in almost any situation and environment because we perform for hundreds possibly thousands of people throughout the year and will bend over backwards to make sure your wedding day is amazing for you and your guests!

Scenario: You and your friends just got home from the bar where you met a magician, you’re all still trying to figure out how the card got in your shoe, how he took your watch or where that pot of jam came from! So you all start talking about Bills wedding and you tell him:

“You have to book this guy!” and Bills like “I know! I just don’t know when he should perform?”

Great question. Now every wedding I perform at is different and if you have special plans organised we can always accommodate to your needs but these are the most popular time slots I get booked for throughout the year and are times I think work best to have a professional magician perform at a wedding:

Wedding Breakfast

When putting a seating plan together for a set course meal you will almost always have people sitting at tables who don’t know each other. This is a great time to have a walk-around magician as they will perform interactive mini-shows for tables in between courses. If people don’t know each other at the table this is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other!

During Photographs

This is a time where the photographer needs family members and close friends to pose for certain shots and can sometimes be a slower and less exciting time for other guests. This is why I always advise my clients to have myself perform at this time to keep energy levels up for your guests who may not be as involved with the pictures.

Start of Evening Reception

This is when the party starts the couple have been married, speeches have been made and its time for everyone to just have a good time. There will be a bar, music, buffet etc. and late guests arriving. This is another perfect time to have a magician mix and mingle with your guests at the bar, smoking shelters and anywhere away from the dance floor.

How to Summon/Book a Professional Wedding Magician?

“This sounds great how do I go about booking one of these magicians? Do I call you? Send you an email? Send a letter via an owl?”

Well, I can’t speak for everyone but for most of us you go to our websites and there will be an enquiry form or a method to contact us from there. I personally give a free over the phone consultation where I get as much information about the wedding as possible, the clients needs, what other entertainers are booked etc. and from there I will tailor the best services and quotes for their wedding day. A service is selected, a contract is written up for you to overlook and sign along with whatever invoices and fees that need to be paid. After that, all that is left is for the wedding to happen we let the real magic happen!

So I hope this blog helps when deciding to book not just a professional magician, but any professional entertainer for your wedding. Of course, if you are looking to book a professional magician in future visit my website at to find out more about services and availability! Also check out my Instagram @The1GCM for latest updates

I would also like Lara Frost Photography for providing most of the amazing pictures in this blog, you can check out more of her pictures and blog at I wish you all the best for 2018 and I am exciting to see what the rest of the Year brings!